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RE: 1990 90 engine type(s)?

I'll give it a stab:

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>Sent: 	Saturday, March 02, 1996 3:18 PM
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>Subject: 	1990 90 engine type(s)?
>Hi, especially to those who are familiar with the 1990 90, 5 speed FWD.
>I'll be looking at one of these for sale tomorrow and wonder if there
>more than one engine available for this car.


>It shows a five cylinder 2.3 liter with 130 - 164 hp.
>Which cars had the higher output engine?

The 20v quattro models.

>Was the higher output a 20V or turbo?


>Was the higher output only on quattro versions?


>The seller seems to know little about the car...selling it for a friend
>something like that.  It has 120k miles on it and they are asking
>Any tips re: options to look for and how to identify them would be
>You could reply directly rather than to the whole list.
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I'd take a look at Edmunds' web site for used cars
(http://www.enews.com/magazines/edmunds/) and look at the specs and what
was available in terms of options back then.

- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, redmond, wa
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