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Cages for the Quatt

You wrote: 
>>     How about to save your A-- eric.  Safety is more important in an 

>>     under-horsepowered car anyway.
>Hmmmmmmmm..... If I get so crossed up to WAD my Stock car into a ball 
>a Auto-x, I really need to rethink my hobbies.  I've seen three stock 
>class Roll-overs at Auto-x's, 2 cars only had the stock belts and the 
>drivers were uninjured......None of the three cars had roll cages....  
>a convertiable yes you need a roll hoop, In a Stock hard top I don't 
>think so.  Hell in my old Z-car which at the time ran is ASP never had 
>cage in it and I always won.....
>Eric Fletcher
Everybody should take a chill pill!!!  First of all, I only wanted 
advice on where to find a cage... not necessarily somebody's opinion on 
whether I should have one or not.

Second, I would not put in a cage if it were only for stock class 
autox.  I think the weight penalty will pretty much be a wash with the 
increase in chassis stiffness.  Therefore, the cost of the cage would 
determine my d
ecision... i.e. I would not buy one. 

Furthermore, just to let you know why I am putting in the cage, it is 
for two reasons; safety and rules for road racing.  I am planning on 
driving several track events this year and would feel better having the 
cage.   Ad
ditionally, I would like to attend the SCCA driver's school this year 
to obtain my competition license.  I need a cage for this.  
Unfortunately, I can not do any SCCA road racing in the car because of 
the 4 wheel drive sy
stem... they are banned!!

In conclusion, I am putting in a cage, and I still need a source for 
the cage... any ideas?  AutoPower does not make one for our cars.

Steven Verona