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Fusible Links, early Audi fan problems, headlight out symbol

Can someone tell me how a fusible link works?  Specifically, I just installed
a relay harness so that I can run more juice to my Euro lights.  Since I am
leery of this "fusible link" concept I left the fusible links but also
installed quality weather protected fuses of an appropriate amperage.  ( I
need to find a suitable male/female connector so I can totally eliminate the
fusible link...) 

My questions are 1) Is the color of the fusible link insulation coded to the
amperage it will melt at? 2) I understand that the length of the fusible link
also determines its capacity.   If true, what effect lengthening/shortening?
 It's not intuitive to me...

On the thread of fusible links...I want to second  Sandy Duffy's warning on
un-protected fan motors.  One local mechanic I frequent recently had a 5000
series ***stripped to the shell*** to replace wiring burnt when the fan
shorted.  On my previous 200s, I always installed an extra fuse of the sort
that the '91 200 20vs come with stock...finally!  

Finally, probably redundant to the archives, I can post/fax privately to
anyone who needs  to know how to fix headlight-out "bomb" in Audi auto-check
system caused by running relays off of one side only.  I haven't gotten
around to it yet, but I have directions from Audi guru at dealer.

Andy Majewski
'91 200 quattro
'90 V8 (wife's, but I LOVE sound at 7,000 rpm!)