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Re: tailgaters

>Once coming back from Ocean City Md there was a nice stretch of 2 lane 
>highway. But some jerk in a Hummer...tinted windows chrome 
>everywhere...decided that going 75 on a 65 wasn't fast enough.

Yeah!!  Sometimes 75 in a 65 isn't fast enough fast enough for *me* either,
and I would appretiate it if people like you would just move over!  You have
no idea what's on someone's mind in this situation.  The tailgater could be
involved in an emergency, going to a hospital, late for an appointment, or
just plain crazy.   If you are being tailgated in the *fast* lane, then
you're not going fast enough.  Why not just MOVE OVER!! 

What gives you the right to tell me how fast *I* should drive?  

> I tried 
>tapping on the brakes but he just drove closer to me...all I could see 
>was his license plate out the rear window...quite frightening to be 
>tailgated by a Hummer. So I sped up til there was a car in the next lane...
>an elderly man in a Caddy...and I drove right next to him at the same 
>speed...blocking both lanes. I did this for quite awhile. The jerk got 
>mad and drove off the road! I didn't know Hummers could go that fast.

This is a very good way to get your head blown off or get yourself forced
off the road when that guy finally does get beside you.  There are alot of
crazy people on the road, why aggravate the situation?  Do you really think
you are that *safe* in your car? (Especially when the other guy is driving a
HUMMER!!) Move over, let him/me pass and everyone will be happy with no

>I must admit I like that spraying window washer fluid seems to be pretty 
>good...more decent than flipping the guy off through the sunroof.
>Happy motoring

I thought a group of driving enthuiasts (what I thought this list was made
up of) would have a different mentality.

Gary - NYC