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A8s spotted in AZ...

Yesterday, while making the approx. 1-mile trip to the hardware store for a
tube of RTV to temporarily fix the crack in my IC-to-TB hose, I spotted two
Audi A8s sitting across from me at a traffic light.  One was silver and the
other was dark blue, and they weren't disguised in any way.  Although I was
looking in my mirror as they drove past, the traffic blocked my view of the
license plates so I couldn't tell if they were manufacturer tags or not.

Since many auto manufacturers have proving grounds in AZ (including VW), it
isn't unusual to see euro cars cruising around town (a few weeks ago, I saw
three Renault Lagunas running nose-to-tail through downtown Phoenix!) but I
have never seen any Audis before.  I'll have to check with a guy I know who
works at the VW proving grounds to see what he knows about this and/or what
he can tell me.

PS: I'll post a warning if I ever see a TT on the loose!  ;^)

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