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RE: Heel and Toe - It's the Shoes

Agreed. I put the left side of my right foot on the brake and the right
side on the gas. Works great and with the Audi I don't have to worry
about either side slipping off as the pedals are just right (in both
distance and relative height).
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, redmond, wa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626

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>>>Audis are designed for 
>>> slim Italian-style shoes.
>>no.  audis were designed to be driven on the street with little or no
>>rev matching shifts.  otherwise the pedals would not be the way they
>>are.  if you look at italian cars or real racing cars, the pedals are
>>shaped and arranged in a manner much more suited for heel & toe
>>rather than changing your shoes you should be thinking about having
>>racing style pedals fitted.  i don't know if the various racing rules
>>permit it, but i think that it would be quite dumb if they did not.
>>whose ego is going to get bruised this time?  :)
>I have never had a problem matching rev's in my car...... With the
>pedals no less.....
>Eric Fletcher