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(Fwd) Antenna Diversity

> From:          AUDIDUDI@delphi.com

> > I had to connect one antenna - either front or rear - and I chose rear.
> Is it possible that Audi uses *both* antennas as part of a diversity setup
> for FM?  I haven't yet received my new Bentley manual or had time to check
> out my '89 200q for confirmation but I'd be surprised if they installed an
> extra antenna where only one was necessary...

You have it exactly right.  Audi (at least in my 200) uses the front 
in-the-windshield antenna for FM only, and uses the rear window 
defogger as both AM and FM.  The stock Bose (and it sounds like all 
other) radio has two antenna connectors and the unit is supposed to 
operate in diversity mode and use the strongest signal.  

But o'course, when you replace the radio, you have only one input.  I 
suppose I could make up a pigtail to connect both antennas to the single 
input, but I kinda doubt the advantage would be worth it....or it 
might even make it worse.  **Has anyone tried this?**

One note - I have heard about the super-small center conductor wire 
in the Audi antenna cable, and was VERY happy not to have to mess 
with it.  I got an adapter which plugged right into the Audi 
connector and adapter to the standard US connector.

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