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Re: Flippy Elecs

I just had the same problem with the speedo on my 86 4KcsQ.  I bought some
lock lubricant in a spray can.  It was a graphite base that had a carrying
agent so it came out as liquid, but as the carrier dried, the graphite would

Assuming you don't have an electric speedo, unhook the cable from the
transmission, hold it upright, and spray small amounts of the lube into the
end of the cable.  What I found was helpful was to hook a drill to the end of
the cable and have it turing while you spray the lube.  This allows the lube
to work its way up the cable and lube the whole thing.  

Do it in small amounts until you solve the problem so that you don't have too
much lube in the cable at one time.  At least the carrying agent that is
because if there is to much liquid in the cable it may come out in your

Mine was fixed in a few minutes.

Any more questions, give me a buzz.

Larry Smierciak
86 4KcsQ