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Re: Light Bar

In a message dated 96-03-06 14:13:51 EST, you write:

>A thought: has anyone seen a presentable "Rally Light Bar" for the 
>100/200 series bodies?  I've seen some interesting pix of rally cars 
>but assume their light bars are fabricated for the specific use.  
>Just wondering if anyone happened to know of an accesssory item which 
>would provide mounting areas......

>Hmmm.  If an ideal one were designed to go Under the bumper, it would 
>be perhaps 3' wide, bolt on at the left and right (maybe with Y shaped 
>feet, one bolt per foot, to provide more stability); it would have mounting 
>points for, say, four lights, using flat tabs welded to the bar with a hole
>each tab for the light stud mount.  If one REALLY wanted to get fancy, it 
>could be made of stout hollow-center tubing with  access holes next 
>to each light mount to allow for wiring runs out of sight.
1x1 square tubing with above mentioned tabs works wonders, for mounting used
two tabs from bumper bolts to piston (requires removal of bumper and
separation of inner and outer shells) that is a 2X2 angle iron 6 inches long
"in" bumper, and 2 inches long with a mounting hole sticking out....  Pretty
>Also, total "drop down" would be less than 2", so ground clearance 
>could be maintained.  Chromed, of course, to resist corrosion and 
>look attractive.  I suppose a black epoxy paint finish would also be 
>an attractive option.
Black makes the bar virtually invisible.....
>For Over the bumper, it could be a very similar concept.....perhaps 
>with a 3" height rise above the bumper, since clearance would not be 
>such an issue.
>Wonder what it would cost to have one welded up and chromed?

50.oo and not much time either...