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Error in My Previous Post

Earlier today, I posted:

> Actually, if you wanted to , you could build a pseudo-surround system 
> in your car by wiring four speakers like this:
> From the positive terminal of the front outputs, you would wire like 
> this (flow of power is from left to right, from + to -).
> +___ +(spkr 1)- ___ +(spkr 2)- ___ +(spkr 3)- ___ +spkr 4)- ___ -

After a follow-up from Merlyn on our list, I say: MISTAKE!  DON'T DO 

I thought I had this set up so it would not load up the amplifier's 
output and melt things - but Merlyn's post indicated I was wrong.  
The fact that I got away with this for a while in a home stereo (at 
low volumes) does not assure its safety.  So DON'T do it.

Sorry for the inaccuracy of the post!

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