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Re: Light Bar

> 1x1 square tubing with above mentioned tabs works wonders, for mounting
> used two tabs from bumper bolts to piston (requires removal of bumper
> and separation of inner and outer shells) that is a 2X2 angle iron 6
> inches long "in" bumper, and 2 inches long with a mounting hole sticking
> out....

Were Bob D'Amato on-line and not off dealing with a family emergency, he'd
probably point out that this can also be accomplished with the holes where
the license plate bracket bolts to the bumper on most Audis.  Run a couple
of braces under the grill and it apparently works very well with only very
minor flickering due to vibration.  Damn, I *knew* I shouldn't have passed
those bargain-priced ($150/two pair) near-new Hella Rallye 2000s onto him!

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