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Re: 4kq engine hopups?

On Wed, 6 Mar 1996, Dan Simoes wrote:

> I don't recall why.  Maybe I'll give Ned a call and ask about his
> daughter's car that someone looked at the other day (that had a
> cam and advanced timing too).

I got a ride in that very '84.  It was a little lacking in the low end, 
but not much.  Ned was driving (he's a big guy), I was riding shotgun, 
and my friend was in the back, and the car was full of all sorts of crap, 
and it still accelerated quite strong.  It held the power to well beyond 
5500 rpm, whereas the '86 I testdrove last night started to die off above 
4500.  Ned's '84 has a 276 deg cam, and the timing is advanced just a few 
degrees.  The engine idols teribly, especially when cold, but purrs 
really nice at high rpm's.