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Re: TSB for UFO brakes

At 01:40 PM 03.04.96 -0800, Peter Henriksen wrote:

>Does anybody have the TSB #(s) that cover(s) the internal caliper brake
>- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, redmond, wa

A46-91-01  Front Brake Caliper Changes (Models from VIN:  LN102679)
A46-91-02  Front Brake Disc/Wheel Hub Changes (Modesl from VIN:  MN005507)
A46-92-01  Installation of 1992 MY V8 Brake System to Eliminate Complaints
of Steering Wheel Shimmy During Braking
A46-93-01  Remanufactured brake rotors replace update kit as remedy for
brake shimmy complaints.

there's also a couple other TSBs on brake shimmy, but these are the ones
specific to the V8/200q20v.  I don't recall the details of 91-01 or 91-02.
92-01 is no longer used (the tsb to have), replaced by 93-01.  

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