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                        Hi all
                                        I never got any mails from the list
for a long time ,next month I'll finish
                        my exam and re subscribe to the list again.
                                        There is one performance shop in
Thailand ,they sell used Audi MB BMW engines
                        all have more than 200 hp.  they said in the press
that they already converted Audi 100 2.3 10V.
                        to be the  S4 4.2 Quattro with 6-speed box. 0-62
just under six.  They said you can't find
                        right hand drive S4 4.2 anywhere,except here.   the
engine costs around $35000.  They siad
                        this way you got S4 4.2 five times cheaper than
import the original one.  That interesting.