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Wheel advice (was bolt patterns)

          Well, I've narrowed down my choices to 3 styles of wheels for my 
          85 Coupe GT and want to see what you all think about them.
          TSW Evo 16x7.5 ($2ll)
          TSW Hockenheim 16x7.5 ($211)
          or, if my bank account can stand it,
          HRE 504 16x7.5 ($399) - this is for a 3 piece wheel.
          I've decided to mount Dunlop SP8000 205/45Z16's on them, though 
          the 225/40's are cheaper, but I'm afraid I'll have clearance 
          Any advice?  I'm open to your advice, before I drop this amount 
          of $$$$$(means dipping into the beer fund).
          85 GT
          85 5ks