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Re: V6 Oil Pumps

I can't give any numbers and hope that they are quit small as my firm, Select
Transportation sells, services and warranties these vehicles daily.  My
reference to "frequent" failure comes from interview over telephone of the
head Audi tech in three of the six dealerships that fall within a 150 mile
radius of my store.  The point of these contacts was to hopefully acquire an
additional Audi tech with experience on the latest models which our business
requires, were done with the techs at home (not on dealership time) and the
subject came up a couple of (scary) times.  No damage was reported so were
hoping that the early warning system, if heeded can prevent tradgedy!

Check out our website @ http://www.selecttr.com
Joel Osserman, proprietor
Select Transportation-#4 buyer VW/Audi off-lease USA-1993