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Watkins Glen/Trackmasters events & heltmets

I received an invitation the other day from my local Audi dealership
(John Holtz, Rochester, NY) for a driver training course at Watkins
Glen with Trackmasters: it's a one-day event for $145. Though it
seems a bit abriviated, it is limited to 45 drivers, so it seems
like an ideal opportunity to get into track driving (I've been
itching to actually do it for several years now...) with plently
of one-on-one instruction.

Anyone have any experience with these guys? Are they involved with
the QCUSA event at Watkins this summer? Ideally, I'd like to start
slowly with this and work up to the Quattro event this summer...

I'm going to need a helmet for such events, and frankly haven't
a clue what I should be looking for. Any recommendations about
brands/styles/ratings/etc. would be greatly appriciated. I'm not
about to trust my noodle to some salesdroid... I have infinitely
more confidence in y'all here on the list.

Thanks for any input.