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RE: 86 4000S bushings

Give Don Fermano a call in the evening (516)883-3865

He knows his stuff. His expertise is Porsche and he also knows the 4k-5k. Ask him about my TQC that were rebuilding and the $100k 1980 5k he's doing for someone. this should convince you of his abilities. If you don't want to go on LI, you can go to Brunos- Quattro Garage in Bk.
BTW, Don goes way back with him, also did his Porsche work when he was rallying them


From: 	Charles Schwartz[SMTP:cschwart@stern.nyu.edu]
Sent: 	Monday, March 11, 1996 2:28 PM
To: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: 	86 4000S bushings

I recently purchased an '86 4000S with 105,000 miles.  The car runs well
except for the fact that the bushings on the wishbones are worn.  Is this an
easy job to do myself?  Could I have a machine shop press in the new
bushings?  Can I buy new bushings in the NYC area or should I mail order?
Should I change anything else while I have things apart?  Also, if anyone
could recommend a good mechanic in NYC and a good parts source, I would
appreciate it.