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Hitch & Shocks & Pressure Plate

 --------  Hitch & Shocks & Pressure Plate  ------
Hello all!  Great Information source you've got going here.
Here are my questions:
1) After talking with Hans-Juergen Schneider, about towing with my '87 5000 
CS Quattro
     he informed me that Audi-Europe had an OEM receiver hitch that sounded 
like it
     would suit my needs. (Hidden from view except when in use)  The hitch 
was built by
     Westfalia.  SO...  Does anyone know how to get one, or conversely can 
one be built
     here in the USA?
2) Since I am going to be towing (20' Century Speedboat), Hans thought it 
would be wise
     to replace the rear shocks.  SO...  For that intended use; does anyone 
make shocks
     that would be adjustable to handle that load?
3) Finally, I have 113,000 miles on this original clutch, and think that I 
may need to replace
     it if I intend to tow with the car.  Hans suggested Fichtel&Sachs, who 
has the best prices
     on their pressure plates.  (or better suggestions)
***I do not have access to the WWW right now, so I can't look in the 
Robert A. Dupree
87 5000 CS Quattro