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Re: 200Q: Ruminations on low-end torque

>>your comment on real world, though, is interesting.  only in the US where
>>play in the stop-light drags does the off-the-line grunt of the turbos put
>>us at a disadvantage.  on the freeway, even in non-boost mode, flooring the
>>gas pedal has a strong effect--and if you want more, just downshift!
>    Definitely.  When I'm going down the highway at 50-80, in 4th or 5th,
>just breathe on the throttle, and away you go, full boost coming on almost
>immediately.  My '90 200TQ (10V @ 1.8 bar) is decidedly better as a highway
>cruiser than a stop-light 0-50 machine.

And with 2.2 bar on tap coupled with low ambient air temp's it can 
sometimes be downright annoying!!


Eric Fletcher