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Minding your T's & Q's

In a message dated 96-03-13 10:40:37 EST, you write:

>My 87 5KTQW has much less low-end Vs my 88 5KTQ. What year did the 5KTQs
>switch from the too-big K26 to the more responsive K24 turbos? Could my 88
>have the K24 and the 87 have the too-big K26? Sure feels like it........
hmmmm  5ktq never had k24 installed at the factory.....  86, 87,88 and <89.5
use the same computer, cam, CIS, IC, turbo etc.....  The only difference was
a running change in 88 for the "throttle-shut delay" at the t-body....  The
rest of the changes are to the suspension brakes from 86-87....    Advanced
timing?  Try it....  Maybe it skipped a tooth on you.....