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Re: audi 100ls parts needed

On Wed, 13 Mar 1996, I wrote:
> I used IPC (Import Parts Connection) out of Fresno, CA, a while back and 
> got a good deal on a Fox muffler, was the right part, arrived w/o delay.  
> They advertise in _european car_ mag.  The ad indicates you can get parts 
> for 1970-92 Audis, so they should be of help with a '72.
> Has anyone else had experience with IPC?  Anything good/bad to report?  I 
> realize just because I had one good exp with them might not mean much...
> Good luck with the repairs!

Opps... forgot the most important part.... how to contact IPC ;()

Here are the #'s:

     For info:  (209) 225-2900
     For orders only :  (800) 472-1144
     By fax:  (209) 229-0647

Their address is:  2534 N. Blackstone
                   Fresno, CA  93703

Business Hours:  Mon - Fri  8am - 5pm PST

They'll send a catalog for $10, refundable with $50 purchase, when you 
specify the model and year of your Audi.

> Karl
> '86 5000 S 128k
> '79 Fox 143k