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195s to 215s - Hway Vibes

Okay fellow listmembers, I need some wisdom! (Yeah, it's tire-related....)

Here's the story:

I recently got some new "sneakers" for my car (Pirelli P4000 SuperTourings),
and decided to try upsizing from 195/65/15s on 6J x 15 inch rims, to
215/60/15s. They fit fine, and in fact, it is an approved upgrade.

These tires seem very nice (i.e. quiet, smooth, responsive, good ride, good
handling) around town, and at low highway speeds (up to 45-55 mph?), but
once I get up to cruising at 65, 70 or 80, I get a lot of
vibration/feedback, mostly through the seat of the pants, and to some
degree, in the wheel i.e. you can feel the car bouncing around over every
little bump. The steering wheel does not vibrate back and forth, and it has
recently been aligned, and all tires balanced and re-balanced.

I was not having this problem with my worn Eagle GAs that were on there (and
I thought they were horrible... these are "driving" me crazy somewhat... no
pun intended). So, I don't really think the struts are bad. Unless these new
tires somehow are exaggerating a problem that was unnoticeable with the Eagles?

Am I just getting more road feel because of the tire size change somehow...
or are the Pirellis that much stiffer than the Eagles?

Someone mentioned before something about getting more "squirm" when
upgrading like this. Is that what I am feeling?

I welcome all comments, and if possible, please post to the list or e-mail
me before Saturday morning, 'cuz I am seriously thinking of bringing them
back on Saturday to NTW to get them swapped for something else (Comp T/As or
Dunlops or something...). Should I try the Pirellis again, but at the 195
size, or go with something else in the 215 size? Or should I get something
else in the 195 size?

Any and all thoughts are appreciated.



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