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RE:5000 door handle trouble

At 02:32 PM 3/13/96 EST, bvibert@limestone.kosone.com wrote:

>Sounds a bit too simple but, lube it. Get a can of spray lube with an
>extension tube "straw" and stick said straw in the gap where the handle is
>and spray onto inner handle mechanism. Work lever in and out for a while,
>keep that screwdriver handy, and it should loosen up.  Be patient could take
>a while.
>If it still doesn't pop back by itself eventually, the inner mech.  or
>spring is prolly broken  a trip to the wreckers  or PAP is in order. I've
>fixed several sticky, stiff levers this way.

I'm going to disagree with you on this one.  Your suggestion treats the
symptons without really solving the problem, and might even make it worse.

The problem is dirt--a bunch of it where it doesn't belong.  It's causing
the door latch mechanism to bind, not necessarily the door handle/trigger
assembly.  The solution is to get all the dirt out of the entire door latch
(and handle, while you're at it) mechanisms, then LIGHTLY lubricate it.
Spraying a bunch of lube (oily stuff) into the door *might* make things work
better for a while, but then it's going to attract even more dirt later on.
I'd also check that the seals and weatherstrips (bottom of the window) are
all intact.

As for what breaks when there's too much stickyness in there, it's usually
the trigger itself, though it only comes with the handle.  As someone
pointed out in a response, it's made of white metal (whatzat, exactly?
looked like a pot-metal casting to me) and does crack with age and
stress--mine did.  yeah, should have gone to the junk yard, but back then i
thought i was well-to-do and did the dealer thing:  $75.  

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