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Adjustable and Automatic Cam Sprockets

I've noticed a couple of references lately to advancing cam timing to boost
low end torque on 10V turbos.  I'm not sure why you'd want to do this, as
you'll lose top end.  Unless you've done some head or deck work and need to
compensate.  Techtonics Tuning (and others- no afiliation blah, blah) sells
adjustable cam sprockets for VW's (same as Audi).  These are adjustable + - 8

A few years ago I remember ads for automatic cam sprockets w/ springs and
weights which advanced at low rpm's and retarded at high rpm's a la
distributors.  They didn't get good reviews as dyno tests showed little
actual hp increases.  The manufacturer claimed it was more of a "real world
seat of the pants" type improvement as dynos don't always show dynamic
changes.  Or something like that.  These sound like something which might
work better on a turbo.  Maybe spin up that K26 a little faster?  Anybody try
one of these?

On the performance subject, does anyone know of a shop w/ torque plate for
Audi 5 blocks?  How 'bout someone w/ flow bench experience on turbo heads?
 I'm getting ready to freshen the power plant on my 5kcstq along w/ intake
and exhaust mods.


86 5kCSQ
79 Triumph Spitfire