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RE: new tires. . .stiff ride

>Am I just getting more road feel because of the tire size change somehow...
>or are the Pirellis that much stiffer than the Eagles?

Yes and Yes.

>You mande two changes that will increase feedback/coupling:
>(1) you ent from 65 to 60 series, and (2) you went from
>a mushy "smooth riding" tire (eagle GA) to a higher
>performance tire (the Pirellis).  That's what a smooth
>riding tire does - mushes out the feedback.

>I'm also infering from your statement that the wheel does not
>vibrate back and forth, and that much of your feedback comes
>from the seat of your pants - yep that's a stiffer ride

Apparnetly, you only notice the effects at higher speeds.
Is it comfortable on a smooth, newly paved MACADAM road?
That would eliminate some insidious form of oscillation . . .

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Hi guys,

Reinforcing all of the above info. . .FWIW I live in the midwest . .brrr... and
had a set of P4000 Super Touring  :-(  on my 89 200tq. Bad news in the
winter kiddies, my car felt like Fred Flintstones car for several miles until 
the tires warmed up. Not too bad for ride comfort vs performance, stiffer
than the Eagle GA's tho. 

Tire technology is rolling along at a fairly good clip. (sorry couldn't resist) You can
buy a tire for almost any level of ride comfort or performance that one wishes. . . 
and the savings account will allow. 

Anyway that's my $.02 worth !


Keith Bidne
Ft Dodge, IA

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