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Re: Toycows and Michelle Mouton

     I don't quite follow how advancing the Cam by one tooth, changes the 
     timing? I thought the timing was controlled by a pin on the flywheel in 
     conjunction with a signal from the distributor. The distributor signal is 
     only used initially to synchronise the signal from the flywheel so the 
     computer knows whether the cylinder is on an intake/compression or 
     detonation/exhaust cycle? 
     Does advancing the Cam one tooth not just increase the time the inlet and 
     exhaust valves are open at BDC? 
     Has anyone tried advancing the Cam one tooth on an older turbo motor with 
     no knock sensor?
     The EC article has started me thinking of changing the timing belt (not 
     that it needs done!) so wouldn't that be a good time to... 
     Regards, Mike
     p.s. Thanks for the help with the window switch console removal. The boost 
     gauge now sits in a leather panel where the ashtray was.