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Re: Ruminants and low-end torque: Is your turbo a cow?

>>>my interpretation of that is that "high boost requires a big turbo,and
>>>a big turbo is slow to spool up".  i think insufficient distinction
>>>was made between off boost and low rpm torque on-boost.
>> Or you can just Overspeed the hell out of a small turbo......
>When it comes to turbo sizing, its a give and take, you have toknow what
>you are trying to accomplish then aim for it. There is no do-all turbo.

All of the above is based (to some extent) on the fixed vane geometry
kkk turbos we all use.  Now if some enterprrising metal worker/engineer
came up with adapters to let us use some serious high tech 'mericun
turbos we could, perhaps, have it both ways.  They have already done
this for 911T's, and regularly replace KKK's with domestics, which
you can even get compressor maps for!  

paul t-