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MAC 11A vs 11C

ICU Buffs:  Help!  I'm the one that pooched some 15 power wiring
carrying roll cage tubing to the fabricator in my stripped '87
5kTQ.  Scratched off a little insulation and *puff*, the 15's
went up in smoke.

Now the ignition (red wrap) harness has been dissected, faults
corrected, and the f*&%$#@ still won't go.  I still have tests to
do (a la fuel pump, Hall gen., etc.), but the combined wisdom of
several mechanics around here point at the MAC 11C.  I was
wondering, can I swap the MAC 11A from my wife's '86 5kTQW with
the possibly pooched MAC 11C in the '87?  Are they compatible?
Better to swap the suspected pooch box into the good car, or vice
versa (I don't need a divorce on my hands with all the rest of
broken loose hell around here).

Advice from the Master's lurking and posting on the list greatly

Steve in Calgary