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Re: Yaaaaah!

Maybe your return spring for the self-adjuster in rear drums is broken. I 
had a similar situation happened to me back in my college day, about 10 
years ago when I had a 83' Mazda 626, I know it's not an Audi but what you 
describe is similar to what I had experience. I don't think you have ABS 
since I notice on your signature you say you have a 84' 4000s. You 
probably want to get those drums of on the back and check them. There are 
usually 3 to 4 springs in each of the drum assembly. In the 85' 5000s 
that I used to have which has drums on the rear, there is a small springs 
that runs vertically down the middle of the drum assembly, this is the 
spring that is connected to the self-adjuster which is a wedge key that go 
between the brake shoe assembly. Every time when you press on the brakes 
the wedge key would came down between the two shoes and jack them out 
further so keep the distance of travel between the drum surface 
relatively the same as your shoes wear down. I would reset the adjusters and 
replace both of them if one of them is really broken which caused the 
problem. The self-adjuster if re-adjust the brakes after you press the 
brake pedal the first time after you re-adjust them.

Good luck,

Anthony Chan
92' 100 V6 

On Fri, 15 Mar 1996 erolflyn@interaccess.com wrote:

> Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 08:49:15 -0600
> From: erolflyn@interaccess.com
> To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Yaaaaah! 
> OK Audi guru's, any thoughts on this little episode...
> I'm rounding a corner at about 30, and some schmuck decides now would
> be a good time to dart out into da street on his rollerblades.  I (of course)
> jam on the brakes.  About halfway down a large clunk/'sproing' "happens"
> seems to be in the vicinity of the engine side of the firewall.
> THe car still stopped, but I ruined a good pair of boxer shorts.  The
> brakes have semi metallics on them, but now squeak way more than normal.
> The pedal goes almost to the floor now, and if I press it, still makes
> that clunk/sproing sound, almost like a spring being broken with a hammer.
> THe car seems to stop.  I pulled the wheels (damn impact wrench jockeys)
> and all the lines, etc are in good shape.  Couldn't get the drums off though
> to check them out.
> Help!
> TIA,
> Chris
> 84 4ks...