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Re: Tires & Pond

>Subject: Re: Tires & Pond
>Anyone have a list of tire manufacturers, where they are based (what
>country), who they are owned by and where they are mfgd?

A note of interest on the subject. I believe the tires for the A4 are made
in Napanee, Ontario, Canada.  I know we make (yeah I kinda work there)
Goodyear Eagle RS-A's and Eagle GA's for Audi, I'll check and see if anyone
knows for which car specifically.
How are the RS-A's, I was thinking of trying a set?
We also make some funky 245-50-zr16's GS-C's for GM, nice tires. Smell bad
when extruding the tread though.

Burl Vibert
83 Coupe
87 5kCSTQ
and still hibernating toys, soon, soon