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Spring, Audis and Upgrades (kinda long)

Fellow Audians; Spring has _finally_ sprung in the Northwest. After nearly a 
month of tire kickers, a fellow (who's father bought and drove nothing but Audis 
while they were stationed in Germany) brought his significant other over to look 
at my '86 5000 CST. She fell in love; he liked the car; they offered $5100 and I 
took it. I bid it farewell yesterday - :(

I called Ned Ritche when I got home to boost my spirits and eventually my "new" 
'91 200TQW. We discussed a 3-stage, $895 upgrade that allows 2.5 bar and 274HP. 
He estimated torque to be 290 ft.lbs. @ 1950rpm. Just for fun, I did a little 
math (I am _not_ an engineer; some claim I am numerically challanged) to put 
this in perspective and determined the following:
	Stock lbs/hp=17.17; IA lbs/hp=13.59
	Stock lbs/fp=16.34; IA lbs/fp=12.84
Not bad for the price. Ned also mentioned a 330HP kit that includes a custom 
manifold and turbo. It's too pricey for me: $3,200; but then I'd love to know 
what my car felt like with 330hp. In reponse to questions about UFO brakes, Ned 
cited Max McDonald, Audi/Volks/Specialists, in Chalis, WA 360-748-8578. I have 
not called Max yet, but I will let you know what I learn. Has anyone out there 
done Ned's 274HP kit or Max's UFO brake upgrade to a '91 200? If so, _please 
post_ and let us (there is an expanding group of '91 200 TQS/W folks that are 
looking into all of this) know how it went for you.

Ned is heading to Ingolstadt (sp?) in a week or so. It will be interesting to 
find out what he learns.

I asked Ned if he knew what had become of the QCUSA v. Northwest Region spat. He 
indicated the NWR voted to become independant and apparently some of the other 
regions are heading that way as well. When I asked what the heck was going on, 
he indicated QCUSA billed itself as a non-profit; never accounted for the money 
it received; and when it finally did, one of the heads was apparently earning 
$30K+ per year. DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying any of this is, or is not, true and 
if anyone else has any information on any of this, particularly if it helps 
_clairify the situation_, please post.

I pulled the 200TQW out of the garage this afternoon; washed off all the snow 
crud; cleaned up the interior; and gave it our first waxing (you never really 
know a car until you wax it - I was happy to find it in good shape.) Upon 
completion, we headed out for a little rapid transit and to watch the spring sun 
go down. It sure is nice to own a car that inspires you to go for a drive just 
for the sheer joy of it. Jeez, how I love this Audi. Enjoy the rest of the 
weekend! Greg