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Re: Yaaaaah!

I experienced a rather odd brake problem once, relayed here FWIW. Whilst
rocketing towards a Pro Rally weekend last year in the 86 cgt, and with too
much luggage and extra person aboard, while trying to stay ahead of my buddy,
on very steep roads, the brakes got kind of...um...warm.  The kind of warm
where the pedal is firm but little is occurring in the area of actual speed
reduction. Well, we pulled over to allow the glowing rotors to cool, and
after a bladder release proceeded on our way. Nest occurence of using the
brakes resulted in bad vibrations, and while coasting along I could even
detect a wobbly type sensation through the chassis. *#^%^#&, warped the
rotors! Right before a weekend of intense driving! Except I was wrong, as
upon experimentation by pulling the e-brake under travel things really
vibrated.  I'd pulled the e-brake when we stopped to cool things off, and
something apparently was amiss in the rear drums. Pulled over, jacked up rear
of car and determined that the right rear brake was stuck on. Riding
companion and mechaninc friend (who sold me on Audis, bless him!) rounded up
a screwdriver and popped something on the adjuster, freeing up the rear
brakes and allowing for our weekend to proceed without incident.  Hot drum
expanded by heat as the cause..??? Not sure, and problem has not reappeared
since. Just something else to file away in your noggins....

Dwight V.
86 Cgt, 89 VW GLI