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Re: Tresor aero kit???

> A few years ago I sawa photo of an aero kit (fr bumper/air dam, side
> skirts, rr bumper cover, spoiler) for the 5000/200 body, made by Tresor.
> Anyone have info/source?

You aren't thinking about ruining a perfectly good car by installing one of
these crimes-against-nature, are you?  They're big-time fugly...   ;^) 

I believe Europart in San Diego may have access to them and you could always
try Scottsdale Porsche-Audi since they were one of the two importers back in
the early to mid-'80s.  Thanks to their sales efforts here in Arizona, I get
to see a Treser-modified car driving around town every month or so ... to be
honest, the 4kq does have a bit of charm about it but definitely not the 5k.
I suspect the people responsible for that one probably had a hand in the new
Mercedes sedan as well...

Oh, yeah, before I forget: The bodyshop that repaired my old '91 100 has one
of the 3-piece rear spoilers on a shelf and mentioned they would be happy to
sell it (needless to say, I passed).  This was last summer but I'll bet they
still have it.  If you're interested, talk to Norm @ 10th Street Autobody in
Tempe, Arizona.  If you can't track down phone numbers for the above through
directory assistance, let me and I'll get them for you ... I'd have included
them with this post but don't have them handy.  Sorry.

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