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Re[2]: aluminum subframe mounts 4000q

     Eric, I may need to re-count, but it looks like we have 5 interested 
     parties for Al subframe mounts.
     Soooo, what do you need from us as far as a commitment, etc.

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Subject: Re: aluminum subframe mounts 4000q
Author:  STEADIRIC@aol.com at Internet
Date:    3/16/96 06:09 PM

>I'd like to find out more, price/availability, ease of install, etc. Thanks 
>to Jeff for his insight on bushings. Eric, is Delrin an option? Aluminum 
>prolly isn't the hot tip for a daily driver!
Aluminum is what I'm running and I don't notice a difference........  
Availability is non-existient as of now I need at least 5 orders to make 
this project happen..... Install should be easy... Burn the old out. Push 
the new in..... Price ???
Eric Fletcher