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Anyone have definative hdlight rewiring???

Sorry if this is redundant. Many posts have had bits of info referring to
rewiring, adding relays (?), or changing bulbs on the 87ish 5k TQs
headlights-with the goal of improving visability. Some of these "posters"
follow up a week later, explaining problems that their modification has
caused. I'm confused (maybe others also) as to what works and what doesn't.

The most promising, cost effective, mod. seems to be the 9004>9007 bulb
conversion. So I'm gonna give it a try.  Since I'm about to undergo front end
repairs, can someone provide the procedure for improving the stock wiring to
the headlights.

Also, when I bought my car from the dealer in 87, he installed the Hella
lights under the bumper. The power lead is spliced to the low beam wire.
Isn't this a poor choice-reducing power to the headlights? Any suggestions on

Mike Aiello