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Re: quattro-digest V3 #222

Peter Wales wrote:
> K&N and wash it just as often as you replaced your old filter. Believe it or
> not, it will get just as dirty or even dirtier than a paper filter and if
> you don't clean it, you haven't increased your airflow. Twice as much work
> and twice the price. Now don't tell me that a K&N doesnt get as dirty as a
> paper one, If its dirty then it's restricting airflow and not doing what you
> paid lots of money for. If its not dirty, what's it doing in your car?
> You haven't got more power, it just sounds as if you have. But maybe that's
> enough for you
> Peter Wales

I learnt' a long time ago in school, that a dirty filter is a more efficient 
FILTER. You can't have it all!!