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Re: V8 wheels

How much time are you going to be at 10/10ths?  Heard this one at lunch
today:  There's a P-car salesman (more like a P-car nut supporting his habit
as a salesman--I have met this guy--he really is more adrenalin junky than
salesman--and he has an IA-chipped '91 200q) around here who thinks people
are nuts to order the 18" option on the new 911s.  First problem is you only
have a handful of tire options at 18" whereas the stock 17" has several
dozen options.  Second is the cost.  Then there's is the ride, risk of
damage, etc.  I'd say the same arguments hold for 16" vs. 17" on our Audis.
As Mike has found out recently, 17" rims seem to get damaged frequently.

2 pennies


At 11:31 AM 3/18/96 -0800, Bruce Romero wrote:

>I have 16 x 7.5 ACT's with D40's on the V8 for spring,
>summer and fall use in the rainy Northwest. They seem
>to work very well. The car just does not slide. I find it
>hard to find the limits on the street at speeds that I 
>will not end up in jail over or seriously injure somebody.
>Anyhow, I spoke with a suspension/tire and wheel shop here
>that does race prep and street car setups. They are called
>Speedware. Greg Fordahl told me that I would not notice 
>very much by going to 17's. Better turn in and 10/10ths
>response would be crisper. But for the street, not much 
>for the money. He recomended springs and new shocks. Any 
>thoughts out there?
>Now as far as cosmetics, 17's would look great. I 
>want to put the 16" ACT's on my wifes 100S. That would leave
>me with a choice between 16's and 17's... 
>'90 V8
>'92 100S
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