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Re: ArmorAll

At 09:18 PM 03/18/96 -0600, you wrote:
> As for exterior black 
>moldings, I've seen ads from Mothers' that they have this new thingie 
>that's suppose to put a new shine on ext black things. Sadly, I haven't 
>been able to sight this new (it's suppose to be out for several months 
>now) in my local stores...

Yep, the stuff is great!! Absolutely amazing stuff. It is called Back To
Black , made by Mother's, and it lasts quite a while. It doesn't wash away
within a week or so like AAll or the others like it. Whatever "Mom" puts in
there, it works!! (Perhaps a home-made recipe passed down by Grandma?)

This is definitely the answer for all those VW (and Audi!!) owners with all
that sun-bleached black molding on their cars!! "Try it.... you'll like it!!"

(Oblig. disclaimer... the only mother I have anything to do with is my


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