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Re: Audi Info

On Tue, 19 Mar 1996 16:11:36  Cbolt64@aol.com wrote:

> Any Audi clubs in the Chicago area?  Also, where can I find performance >
> for my '92 100 CS?

There is the Lakes Region Quattro Club. I am the editor of the newsletter,
Scott Doherty is the President.  For more information you can e-mail me at
mcwasil@interaccess.com or contact Scott at 815-338-6824 (he's still e-mail
challenged :)

For a local performance parts source, try Schaumburg Audi (Schaumburg,
Illinois). Ask for Craig Jones. They run ads for V6 mods, chips, throttle
bodies, etc. in the back of European Car.

Standard disclaimers apply...

Mark Wasil                Elmhurst (Chicago), IL
'88 5000CSTQ              mcwasil@interaccess.com
'90 100Q
'93 Passat GLX