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Re: Tires--Dunlop D60-A2's??

>Eric, I don't care how smooooooth you are.  The D60 A2 roll over on their 
>sidewalls, even with 40psi in them!  If you are creating any g's in the 
>turns then you will be wearing those tires out.
>Brendan Rudack    (waiting to be flamed! HA)

Don't think so Brendan,  I'm making more g's then you are trust me.  
Don't belive me go for a ride.  There are several people on the list that 
have been for rides with me and they can concure.  With a wide enough 
wheel you will not have any problem's.....  Dunlop's have plenty Stiff 
sidewalls. Beside's who said I was running 40psi......


Eric Fletcher