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RE: finals on 4kq for Ur-Q??

On the benefits/disadvantages of installing the 84 4KQ diffs and/or trans
into Ur-Qs....

Lower final drive and trans gearing Vs stock Ur-Q:

better holeshots
better accel
better throttle resp
lower RPM drop/shift
longer clutch life

more revs/mile
more noise/MPH
more fool consumption
lower MAX speed
recal of speedo req'd for accuracy

Not so good for street use -- really just a Pro-Rally mod and/or good for
1/4 mi and stoplight drags, etc, though I know a Pro-Rally guy that uses the
4KQ trans&diffs in his street Ur-Q as well as his rally car. IMFO I would
rather have the stock setup for street use and plan to stick with it with
the KUQEFH.....