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No Subject

96-03-21 16:24:20 EST, you write:

>I have made no comment of the ability of a K&N filter to FILTER, I simply
>stated that they don't give a lot more power.
>The main reason most people buy K&N filters is to get more power. They claim
>it gives more power by allowing more air to go through it and as an added
>bonus it filters better. 
>If it's blocked up with dirt, you aren't going to get more air through it
>are you? 

hmmmmm....  Add mods to any of these audis, the filter becomes a restriction
to flowing more air....  On a Stock car, Peter is right, your gains in
"performance"  are minimal to the point of the why question, esp considering
the noise increase.....  Turbo cars, esp with computer mods, need the gains a
high performance filter brings....  Listening to the racket some of these K&N
filters do to the noise level vs performance level (some of the audi V6's
with the Shaumburg mod come to mind) makes one ask why as well.  Do the K&N
if you have modified your demand for air, not as a modification alone......