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Re: V8 Quattro

Michael Ryan wrote:

I am quite interested in the thoughts from the list in regards to what 
things to look for in a 1990 V8 Quattro 3.6L.
It has 153,000kms showing on the odometer, the timing belt was done at 
98000. The front brakes have been done twice that I know of.
The car was just delt in and I am seriously considering buying it.

Last May we bought a V8 in London which had 50,000 miles.  The car had already
had the automatic gearbox replaced at 20,000 miles by VAG.  We were therefore
rather surprised when it collapsed again within two weeks of us buying the car.
Our local Audi dealer in Inverness could not repair the gearbox and could only
offer to replace the box at a cost of L3500 (sterling).  Eventually we had the
gearbox repaired by Scotts of Sloan Square another London Audi dealer for only
L1300.  Needless to say VAG UK did not want to know about the problem and
refused to accept any reponsibility.

As far as I know the V8 box is just a standard ZF gearbox with some kind of
transfer box stuck on for four wheel drive, it may be that they can't really
take the strain.  So make sure the gearbox doesn't do anything strange when you
drive it.

Other than the gearbox problems we've found it to be a fine car apart from the
annoying face that Audi have modified almost everything possible, hence when you
almost always have to replace more than the part that's failed.  Its not that if
you need a new door handle you have to buy the door as well, but just various
small repairs.

Philip Ross