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Re: batteries again

     I will say it again.  I think the Deka battery is the best.  They make 
     their own.  Die Easys are made by many different manufacturers.  The 
     battery I bought cost $89.00.  5 year warrantee, 850CCA.  When I work 
     on my car, I play my Alpine cd player and a 100 watt amp off the 
     battery for hours and it starts like it was brand new.
     Good luck and I hope this helps.
     P.S.  I bought a used Interstate last year for my spitfire for 
     $23.00(from interstate) and it is also a very good battery.
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: batteries again
Author:  zing@gnn.com (Martin Slotterback) at Internet
Date:    3/22/96 12:23 PM

       I am sorry to bring this up again but in a few simple words, 
what is the absolutly best g&* da**ed battery that I can buy for 
the 5000 cs turbo quattro 1.9 non chipped!!! money is not a object 
here. I wook up to go to work {a habit I WILL break} turned the key 
and silence, but the clock worked. I used the battery for my vw bus 
{pinto powered] and off I went  Please help me on this one. I want 
the no holds barred best battery! 
    Thanks Marty S.