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Re: Power Steering Fluid

>My power steering fluid on my '87 5KSQ is at min level.
>I need to add fluid, but do I want to go down to the Audi dealer and buy it, or
>can I use power steering fluid (generic) found at the local auto parts store.
>The owners manual says use Audi hydraulic oil no. G 002 000 or equivilant, what
>is equivilant?
Generic power steering fluid is not at all the same as the specified
hydraulic oil.  The hydraulic oil in that reservoir is used both for the
power steering AND the power braking system.  Whatever you do, don't add
generic power steering fluid.  It will contaminate the system, and in worst
case could cause a brake failure. The Audi brand hydraulic oil is EXPENSIVE,
but depending on where you live equivalents can be found at independent
VW/Audi parts places for about half the cost.  Ask for "Pentosin."  It comes
in two temperature ranges.  You want the higher range (135C) stuff for your 87.
John D. Winkelman
Disclaimer:  I couldn't have been going that fast, officer!