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RE: EC article & ad for Eurospec stroker kit

My friend (mechanic) is rebuilding an 80 5k as a show car for a customer. Estimated cost $100k. To each his own but that's another story. Anyway, the customer wants to get as much from the engine as possible.
Doing all the typical head work and also stroking the motor. Originally checked with Eurorace about their kit. They suggested using the stock crank ( with rework) with pistons, rods and head from a 2.2ltr. 

Since we don't know exactly the differences between crankshafts of the different models, can you supply this info. Can I utilize the crank from my original 82 urq? 

If investigation leads to doing a stroker motor, would anyone be interested in my crank, pistons and maybe
rods from an 89 10v. The motor only had 26k before breaking it open.

Steve Rosen

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At 01:20 AM 3/22/96 -0400, you wrote:

>On my 89 10v going into an 82tqc I've done about the same as you.
>I also looked into the Eurorace stroker kit but came to the same
conclusions as you. That's why I'm interested in the VW crank setup. Any
thoughts on how I can "stroke" the motor with redoing the head.
>Would I have to replace the rods and pistons or can I  get away with just
reworking  the stock pistons.

You will need to do the whole short block. Think your rods are OK, but you
will have to replace pistons. If you were using the Ur-Q motor you couldn't
even consider this since crank journals are different. 

Think you and glen made a wise decision on the eurorace kit.

Bruce Bell