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quattro--the secret is out

	thumbing through magazine today [Open Road, the "4wd adventure 
mag.", pub by R&t] and goodness gracious me, see an article on the A4q, 
not the BMW 328is.  Generally, same thing you've already read about the 
A4q.  Ends by stating:
		For a price in the immediate neighborhood of $30,000
		there's no finer compromise between daily mini-limosine,
		long-distance sport sedan and ski-weekend transport.

		The A4 [unlike the WMB 328is]will never replace the 
		Jeep as a serious off-road machine, but somewhere on
		the icy roads between Boston and Albuquerque on a long
		winter trip, your passengers--and your gluteus maximus--
		might thank you for having chosen the Audi instead.  RT
		[my insert, not R&t's]