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Hey Y'all,

I want to say thanks for all the information you all helped me with.
Especially Scott, Jeff, Dave, and several others who I hope are not offended
because I don't mention them by name also.

My surging idle problem was due to a faulty Idle Stabilizer Valve.  The
throttle switch was also bad.  It was not closing at WOT.  Both have been
replaced and the CO adjusted.

The idle problem is solved.  The car is starting much better.  The faltering
at high boost is essentially over.  The throttle switch now signals when WOT
and the CIS FI system adds extra fuel for a richer mixture the way it's
s'posed to do.  It *does* make a difference.  It runs and pulls like fury.  :-)

Now, what do you recommend about the possibility of replacing the cat with a
straight pipe?  This would allow adjusting the fuel mixture to a slightly
richer mixture.  Emissions testing is not part of the state inspection
process in WV.

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