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Cycles & Helmets

Dan Hussey's note reminded me of the virtues of helmets when 2-
wheeling.  I've done my share of bumping thru wheat fields in Eastern 
Washington (nothing more challenging) but even for THAT, I wore a 
helmet.  On the road, I wouldn't have taken money to NOT wear 
it....no force could make me be that dumb.

It was 1966 - and when I was hit from behind while turning off 
into my (out in the country) driveway, my shorty (helf-helmet) saved 
my life. since I was hit at 40+ MPH, I flew about 30 feet thru the 
air, "browned out" until impact.  My left leg required bone grafts, a 
six inch steel plate and six months in a cast to recover.  If that 
helmet wasn't on my bean, everything would have been moot.  I'd 
either be a virtual rutebaga or the nutrient source for some daisies.

I still have that shorty helmet.  It has a strip of paint scrubbed 
off from front to back about 3/4" wide...and to this day, if someone 
tells me helmets won't save ones' life, I will stand there smiling 
and consider them to be (at best) sadly confused and self-deluding.

List friends, if you ride a 2-wheeler, enjoy yourselves, stay VERY 
alret, and wear a helmet even when you're on nice, soft dirt!  I'd 
like to keep you around.  
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